KLOE – Liability

Columbia Records has released a few days ago Liability, the new single by 19-year-old pop artist KLOE. The skills of the young Scottish (but now relocated to London) popstress to build up insane pop hooks and combine them with raw, straight lyrics – “Somebody should have warned him/
To stay away from girls like me, but
– are crystal clear and can be easily heard in her latest effort. Speaking on it, she said, “Liability is the song that sums me up as a person best. The title basically says it all! I wrote it last year at a time when I was rebounding quite frequently, desperately trying to run away from any emotion. I didn’t want to feel anything. Although the video represents complete self-destruction, I also want to stress that I do not think doing drugs and smoking is cool, but I obviously did when I wrote the song…

The visuals for the song are quite mental as well, so do the right thing and press play below.