KING – Promise

Gabriela Olmedo Catalán was born 26 years ago in Copenhagen, to a Cuban mother and a Chilean father. Her latest single as KING, Promise, is a killin’ combination of alluring vocals, stretched synth lines and futuristic beat, with a very on-point production courtesy of Marcus Bormann of SMNM. Catalán, who worked hard over the past year to develop this project and find her own sound, is also a professional dancer, having joined in her youth an urban dance academy and since then having become a dance teacher. So we expect her to show us some serious moves in an official video asap.

Speaking on the track, KING says: “The truth is not always visible, and when it comes to love it can be hard to know whether people’s intentions are the same as yours. In a world where a laugh is not necessarily a laugh and a smile is not that truthful anymore, stating ‘promise you’ll lead me along’ is a vow we all need to be able to love and feel loved.