Kill J – Gravity

There’s no doubt that Julie Aagaard is one of the most talented artists to come out of Denmark (and not only) in the last few years. The singer/songwriter and producer known as Kill J has been quite prolific in recent times, dropping a varied list of singles culminated then into the release of her Quasi EP last year. Her first offering of the year, Gravity , is perhaps her poppiest song to date and it has been lifted from Kill J’s highly-anticipated debut album, which will be released later this year through No.3/Nettwerk. The song is an intricate mix of bouncing beats, voluptuous vocals, handclaps & finger-clicks, whilst airy synths come in alongside the bombastic chorus; it feels almost like listening to an experimental Jessie Ware, which is a good thing I guess.

Speaking to The Line Of Best Fit, Aagard said: “‘Gravity’ is the first single of my upcoming first full album. It is an album that revolves around the world of particle physics. ‘Gravity’ is one of the lighter songs but it’s actually a song about being in a crisis. A crisis of understanding and a crisis of faith. I am not religious person, but I still feel the need to believe in something. The song is about finding comfort in the laws of nature – realizing one simple thing, that you can hold on to – one thing, that you know for sure is true: When I let go, I fall down. It’s about surrendering to what we know. Surrendering to the pull of gravity with all the connotations of religious surrender.