Kidepo – Ramada

I’m not sure why it took me so long to pick up this song and feature it on the blog. I first heard of Kidepo, the new signing to Good Years (Francis And The Lights, BANKS, LOYAL, Yellow Days,..), when he dropped his single Water a month ago. For some reasons I don’t remember, I missed the chance to share that track. Now that Jonah Mutono (Kidepo’s real name) has returned with Ramada, a new excerpt off his upcoming debut EP Reunion, I can’t miss the opportunity again. The reason is quite simple: this music globetrotter – born in London, he grew up in Philadelphia and studied in England, before returning in his family’s homecountry in Uganda – produces some of the finest music of the moment. His sound mixes forward-thinking electronica with classic songwriting elements and future-soul vibes, painting a soundscape in which the several nuances of his voice fit just fine.

Kidepo’s music embraces the Zeitgeist and was inspired by his last return to Uganda. The feeling of not belonging anywhere serves as common thread of the five songs included in the extended play. “Everyone was telling me I’m not Ugandan,” he explains, “and that I should learn to tolerate being in Uganda now because I don’t belong in the West anymore.

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