Kharfi – Lying

Kharfi is an Italian producer who is currently making waves in his homeland thanks to a very successful single, Hei Bae, and a couple of follow up remixes, which earned appreciations from acts such as Diplo and The Chainsmokers, just to name a few. Today the Milan based kiddo returns with a new track called Lying, which features Danish singer Kinck on vocals and marks an attempt at artistic evolution from the EDM signature with which all his previous productions have been tagged so far. Indeed this song winks more at future-bass, thanks to a relentless pace punctuated by the throbbing beats and staccato synths.

Speaking on the track to us via email, Kharfi said: “With this track I wanted to make something different. I upped the bpm from the 104 of Hei Bae to 110, a minimal difference if it were not for its percussive variation. I believe it can be included within the future-bass genre, but with some slight differences that pass through the use of percussions, more balanced arpeggios and the ambient break. I do not have a target audience, I really hope this track will break through both selective and casual listeners.