Keel Her – Don’t Look At Me

Brighton singer/songwriter Rose Keeler-Schäffeler has shared for years her fuzzy, lo-fi pop music on the web (take a look at the rich and amazing Keel Her’s Bandcamp) and now she’s ready to unveil her talent to a larger audience. Keel Her is a long time journey that also involves musician Andrew Barnes and will end on February 6th, with the release of the self-named debut LP through Critical Heights.

The album has been anticipated by the rousing single Don’t Look At Me, which is particularly hazy, jangly and bittersweet for being a winter release. Try to imagine yourself driving a convertible, heading towards the beach, with the breeze messing up your hair and a sort of low fidelity version of Veronica Falls playing on the radio: this is the exact feeling you will experience while listening to Don’t Look At Me.

Don’t Look At Me is available for download and on 7-inch single via Critical Heights; listen below.