Kedr Livanskiy – Sgoraet

Thanks to my wife, I’m pretty fond of everything’s Russian at the moment. Emmanuel Carrere’s Limonov? Read. Zachar Prilepin’s San’kja? Read. Anna Politkovskaja’s Putin’s Russia? Reading it right now. Visited Moscow or Saint Petersburg? Not yet, not enough days off work. But I just visited Prague, KGB Museum, Museum Of Communism…

Anyway, here’s Russian Laurel Halo. Which means immersive, stratified electronics + otherworldly, algid “soviet” vocals. For the reasons above, Kedr Livanskiy’s Sgoraet is possibly (already!) my favourite electronic track of 2015.

You should spin it, and get the Sgoraet 12” (out on 2MR) heading over here.