Kauf – Pacific

Since his debut in 2011, electronic singer/songwriter Kauf has slowly built the path that’s leading him to the release of his highly anticipated debut album Regrowth. He recently unveiled the record’s opening track, a slow-burning electronic jam titled Pacify that serves as perfect compendium to Kauf’s sonic signature, namely a brooding mix of dreamy synth licks and pounding electronic drums.

Speaking on nthe track to NYLON, Kauf said: “It’s mostly about childhood. That thing where your dad comes in and tells you to stop playing video games and go outside and play. Those kinds of moments where parents want to guide their kids in the best way possible, but because they have this easy button they can press, called ‘parental authority,’ they sometimes take that easy way out instead of really negotiating with their kids and encouraging them on the right path as opposed to just telling them what they have to do.