Kassandra – Friend Zone

We introduced Kassandra a few months ago with her single No Longer Lovers. She has returned now with its follow-up, a new sultry tune called Friend Zone framed by an intricate and cinematic production over which are standing out once again the wonderful R&B-tinged vocals delivered by the Stockholm songstress.

Speaking on the track on Facebook, Kassandra said: “I wrote this one in the midst of a sudden turn in life. In the feeling or non-feeling of being weightless and not being able to predict the outcome, as the income came as unpredictably. Or predictably. Not even my gut knew anymore. I let the words flow from my brain through my tongue into a computer and haven’t changed a single one since that one demo recording. No metaphors, no beautiful, brainy sentence could make this song sound “a little less sad”. FriendZone equals complete darkness – the experience of murder and death of something which was intended to be so alive and so sweet and how you, after having made the decision to slice two bleeding hearts into pieces, will have to eat them for dinner, night after night, after night, after night afterwards.