Kasbo – Snow In Gothenburg

I’m finally back guys! I missed you a lot. Especially the website and the new discoveries that accompany this passion. So to make me forgive, today I’ll talk about a beautiful song that gently carries the listener through these cold days. So what is more inherent if not a Swedish artist? So let’s start! Honestly, I just needed a quick listening to fall in love with this track actually, because Snow In Gothenburg has the ability to make you imagine magnificent snowy landscapes, children playing outdoors, melted ice and an immense expanse of snow-covered trees. Incredible isn’t? Basically Kasbo did a great job here, and we are talking about a skillful kid able to mix perfectly downtempo, ambient  and electronic, seasoned with melancholic elements linked to a glacial and dreamlike atmosphere. Simply awesome.

Talking about the song via email, he said: “I’m really happy to share my new song ‘Snow in Gothenburg’ with you. I’ve been listening to a lot of melancholic house driven music lately and most of my productions this past year have been widely inspired by that. ‘Snow In Gothenburg’ is where I take this concept to its fullest. It came out as one of my most atmospheric and personal tracks I’ve made. Super excited that you finally get to hear it. The song itself is about loneliness and isolation, and the freedom of coming to terms with those feelings. Seeing the beauty of realizing that everyone has their own ways to go in life and that not everyone is supposed to have someone.
2017 has been such a fun year and can’t wait for 2018. I’m dropping so so much new music so make sure to stay updated!”

Enjoy the song below.

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