Junk Son – Over

Following up his latest single Picture, Lake District native and multi-instrumentalist John Dunk, a.k.a. Junk Son, has dropped a new dope track called Over. The song was produced and recorded by Dunk in his bedroom studios in South London and it’s a late-night tale made of throbbing synth and pounding electronic percussions, blessed by the cinematic vocal performance delivered by singer Amy Spencer.

Speaking on the track, Junk Son said: “This track has stuck with me for a long time. It was one of the first tracks I ever fully produced, so it seems fitting for it to feature on my debut album. I took a fresh look back on it, and brought out some of the more natural elements of the production. It’s a nostalgic listen for me now…

Junk Son’s debut album Beginning, Ending, Pretending will be released on November 4th via 37 Adventures.