June Divided – I Didn’t Mind

Now, hands up those of you who’ve always checked at their heart rate without any special equipment. Well, I do it all the time and at this moment my heart is racing a little faster and the new June Divided’s single is to blame for that. I Didn’t Mind turns out to be, right off the bat, a song with an explosive charge, bursts between synth-pop and alt-rock melodies. Melissa has a wonderful tone of voice that runs like a river through galactic walls of synths and nimble basslines. A warm melting pot that borrows that sense of ’90s style-melodic approach but at the same time keeps you on the hook thanks to its ultra modern spin.

About the song, the singer says: “I Didn’t Mind was a song that happened pretty fast, the idea came to me in my car when I was coming home one day,” she explained, “I had the song completed not long after I walked through my front door and sat down at my studio.”
That’s exactly why this tune feels deceptively spontaneous. I Didn’t Mind is off of an upcoming EP titled Body Wars that will be out on December 2nd. Don’t miss it.