Julietta – Runaway

We introduced NYC based pop artist Julietta earlier this year, with their infectious debut Beach Break. Today she returns with Runaway, a ’80s-tinged piece of electronic pop, built around glitchy beats, subtle guitar licks and hazy synths, that was inspired by a recent trip to Florence, Italy

Speaking on how Runaway was born, Julietta (who has Italian heritage) said:”Thats a story I’ll never forget… Several months ago a guy I met at a party asked me out on a date. The thing is, he lives in Italy and I live in New York. I told him that was a bit far for a Saturday night plan. After playing around with the fantasy of our date, he sent me tickets with my name on it.

She continues, “(that weekend) was a roller coaster of emotions and experiences,” “The sounds you hear in the opening of the song are of me walking and the cars swooshing by is from my walk to meet him when I landed in Florence- I recorded them on my phone. After that dreamy weekend, I sat at the airport waiting for my flight with the Sunday blues and wrote the song. It was the most natural writing formula, at the end of the track you can hear the voice note I took on my iPhone of me boarding the plane.

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