Julietta – Beach Break

While Scandinavian artists seem to have claimed back the throne of electronic pop music (Sigrid, RHYS, ARY, Emma Jensen… just to name a few), there is still someone from overseas who refuses to give up. NYC-based artist Julietta recently unveiled her new single Beach Break, a thumping and obsessive pop number recorded in her home base at Maderas Village’s music studio in Nicaragua.

Production sparkles on its own by courtesy of Jack Goodman, who played some of the music he produced to Julietta (real name: Julia Libani) while she was in Los Angeles looking for collaborators. As she stated to Interview Magazine, the offer came right after: “Three hours after I met the guy, I told him: ‘Listen, I know this is going to sound crazy, but bear with me. … Come with me [to Nicaragua], let’s finish creating these tracks, and get lost together.’

You can listen to the result of this collab below.