Julia Knight – Ghost Of You

I think that I already wrote this in some other post, but still.. something big is going on in Nashville. Too many great new acts are coming out from the Tennessee capital and Julia Knight is just the latest to join this long list of amazing artists. Her debut single Ghost Of You just dropped and we can’t help but thinking about how much addictive it is. Built around a cascade of scintillating synths and thumping electronic percussions, the song is pervaded by a relentless energy ready to sweep away everything in its path. Also, Julia’s vocals are bright and impetuous exactly as the song’s melody, contributing to create that kind of perfect debut to listen to over and over again.

Speaking on the track, Julia Knight said: “Ghost of You is about falling in love all over again and about the places that I believe love can take you. It’s about that one person you never could quite get over, and maybe to be honest you don’t totally want to. I’m so stoked for everyone to finally hear the things I’ve been keeping under wraps for over a year and so excited for people to roll their windows down, turn the volume up, and jam out to this one.