JP Cooper – Five More Days (ft. Avelino)

After having seen him playing at Glimps Festival, we’re pretty sure that JP Cooper smashed at SXSW last weekend. And precisely due to this special occasion, the Mancunian singer/songwriter shared a new track called Five More Days, which should be a premise for a new album that will see the light of the day after the Summer. In this new tune, JP Cooper’s distinctive alt-soul offer meets on neutral ground the flow of Tottenham rapper Avelino (you might remember him for his collaboration with RAYE), creating something that sounds so liberating and charming.

Speaking on the track, JP Cooper said: “‘Five more days’ speaks for itself really as far as subject goes. It was a great track to work on and a real collaboration with Kid Harpoon and Avelino, who are as much a part of this track as I am. It’s definitely an excursion from what people might expect from me; but, it’s another opportunity for me to be free stylistically and thats what excites me…