Joy Crookes – Sinatra

When Joy Crookes debuted with New Manhattan here at the Going Solo headquarters we all were extremely impressed by the charm and the total vocal confidence showcased by this only seventeen year-old London-native girl . Her brand-new single Sinatra undoubtely confirms all the premises, enchanting with theatrical soundscapes, languid guitar riffs and a modern elegance of absolute impact.

Currently working on her debut LP, speaking about the track Joy explains:

‘Sinatra’ is about a fatal attraction.Most of us can relate to misguided love…being with, or staying with someone who isn’t right for you. You can almost become addicted to a person; the ‘Sinatra Charm’ as referenced in the song.This person has the ability to make to feel like you are the centre of their universe, like they would do anything for you, when in reality, in the next moment they can make you feel completely insignificant. It’s a game that gets you mad, but it’s also exciting…it’s a game that keeps you hooked.