Josef Salvat – Paradise

The first time we heard about Josef Salvat we were at Visions Festival in London in 2014 and his live set at The Brewhouse was something so amazing that it left us speechless. It was pretty easy to understand how talented he was and that he would have had a bright future ahead in the music biz. Today the London-via-Sydney singer has just announced the release date of his debut LP and shared a new single called Paradise which is, again, stunning. It takes “pop music” concept to the next level thanks to dancey rhythms made up by bouncing piano chords and sparkling synths, while Salvat’s vocals completes the picture giving the song that kind of “radio catchiness” to make it really big.

That’s what Josef stated about the track: “It was written after one especially boring afternoon that ended up melting away into the most surreal and beautiful evening. The song is basically about overcoming your reality, which I try to do most days. How you do that is up to you”.

Paradise will be part of Josef Salvat’s debut LP called Night Swim, which will be out on February 19th. You can pre-order it here and get Paradise, and 4 other songs, immediately.