Jordan Max – Let Me Lay Down

The rising of Oldham crooner Jordan Max proceeds smoothly. Having attracted big attention to himself thanks to his debut single Hell, the 23-year-old bedroom artist is now back with a new jam titled Let Me Lay Down, a song that mixes scraping, soul-alike vocals, bluesy piano chords and guitar riffs into a timeless, beautiful cocktail. Best part is that Jordan Max has recorded everything in his room, after having taught himself how to play guitar & keys and how to produce a song, but his effort is far, far away from being tagged as “lo-fi”.

Speaking on Let Me Lay Down, Jordan said: “In the midst of a turbulent relationship, ‘Let Me Lay Down’ was born. Opening my eyes and understanding my value as an individual, instead of putting up with it.

Jordan Max’s debut EP Only One Is King will be released on March 25th through Full + Bless.