Jones – Hoops

If you’d asked me a couple of days ago if I’d ever written about Jones on Going Solo, I would have sworn positively. I’m a fan of the London-based singer since last year, when she debuted with the single Deep, so in my mind she’s always been an artist that fits the mission of our blog. But the human mind works in a particular way, as well as the mental associations that it creates, so I found myself today without any reference to her on the blog. But a new single, titled Hoops, is thankfully rushed to my aid and it allowed me to compensate for this serious lack.

Co-produced by XO and Josh Record, Hoops is the first taste from her highly-anticipated debut album New Skin, which will see the light of the day in the Spring of 2016 on 37 Adventures. The instrumental progression of the new track reminds us a sort of upbeat version of The xx’s sound, while Jones offers her best unleashing her soulful and glorious voice.