JOME – Mountains

JOME is a name you’ll be hearing a lot as the year progresses. Though it may sounds like a solo project, JOME is the result of a collaboration between LA based songwriter Jesse Marc and New Orleanian writer/producer Christoph Andersson. The electro-pop duo has quickly attracted the attentions of many blogs/magazines (Going Solo as well), particularity after an overflowing number of beautiful songs on Soundcloud. And Mountains is one of these.

This track is the first single off the pair’s forthcoming debut EP Tunnels and it’s a true masterpiece. It shows a well-structured pop feature with sharp synths and experimental-pop shades that makes the sound emotional and real. These are their own suggestions about the single: “It’s a song about finally achieving your goals and the feeling that comes along with those moments and it’s also a reminder to not take things for granted and to appreciate how far you’ve come, because it’s so easy to forget where you started.“​​​​​​​