Jome – Crystalline

It’s been a long time since I’ve liked a track so much that within the first 20 seconds I found myself rushing to open up Going Solo and write a blog post. Enter Jome, an evergreen in this site since 2016. Basically, this LA-based collaboration duo doesn’t need details and presentations, and I am also happy to say that their new track called Crystalline is a perfect mix between folk and downtempo. Their “modernisation of folk” with pop features, sharp synths and experimental-pop textures has hit again, so today like in the past we are talking about a really good work to enjoy.  

Speaking on the track via email, they said: “Crystalline is a song about getting away from our modern addictions to technology and immediacy. It was written for someone really close to us who was going through a tough time, as a reminder that everything will settle in time.

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