Johnny Kills – My Shirt Guy Is High

Brighton/London based garage-surf band Johnny Kills have released their new fuzzy chaotic track called My Shirt Guy Is High. There is a lot of hype behind this release, and I can imagine why actually. The distorted vocals and cooing harmonies go hand-in-hand with the indie guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming, showing a good attitude and brilliant skills in this genre. There is a lot of Surfer Blood in their style and basically blending hazy guitars and pleading vocals is always a good thing and I really appreciate that.

Talking about the song, the vocalist Timmy explains: “It’s about self-inflicted boredom and the guiltiness it brings. Feeling guilty about doing nothing and thinking that you should do something, anything, but having almost no motivation to do it. You being taking pride in even the smallest achievements to essentially justify your day”. That’s funny, I just saw my life in three sentences.

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