johan – stard(us)t

When someone usually mentions the word “stardust” within a music talk, there’s usually only one thing that pops up in my mind: the stellar French disco music project made up in early ’00s by Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond. As Stardust, they danced only the time of a song, the masterpiece Music Sounds Better With You, before disbanding and pursuing different paths. It has been so for many years now, but finally I might have another “stardust” to think about when it comes to music, the sophomore single released today by Boston artist johan, a terrific future-soul tune on the heels of acts such as Jamie Woon and SOHN.

Speaking about stard(us)t, johan says: “I read somewhere that we are all made out of stardust. When you find your first love, when you feel that connection together that feels like you’ve left the planet, everything becomes about that stardust you both have in common.