johan – Bravery

When one of your favourite artist of the past five years collaborates with an up-and-coming act you have been on since the debut, you can’t honestly ask for more. The dream collab this time happened between How To Dress Well and johan and it was unveiled today under the title of Bravery. The song’s production channels some serious HTDW vibes, while the singing can still count on the amazing, ethereal falsetto of the Boston-based rising artist.

Speaking on the track, johan said: “Working with How to Dress Well on this one was awesome. He had this idea for this heroic chorus idea around the word Bravery. I thought we could make it work if we made it about asking a girl to stay brave and push through some hard times in the relationship. It was also really cool doing my first song that I haven’t produced myself. I threw some crazy ideas like that triplet side-chain figure on the chorus at J_ the producer and he tied it all together amazingly I think.