Jinka – Trash From The Past

Hailing from Transylvania, experimental pop producer Jinka has now relocated to Berlin, where she set up a homemade laboratory to craft her sound. Trash From The Past is the first track to be unleashed from the lab and it sounds extremely fascinating due to its mix of pulsating rhythms, glitchy electronic layers and sultry yet minimalist vocals.

Speaking on the song Jinka stated: “At the beginning of the song, Trash From The Past might make you feel like you’re attending a Formula 1 race, while there’s seagulls fighting over a piece of hot dog right next to you, but if your ears are sonically hardened and you get past this initial phase of irritation, I hope that the listener becomes intrigued by the power of its punkesque binary stop-and-go structure, the catchiness of its joyful melodies and the comforting message that the ability to forget is a strange skill facilitating the pursuit of happiness.

Trash From The Past comes together with a psychedelic video, which you can watch below.

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