Jinka – Flesh To White To Black To Flesh

Okay guys, today I’m writing about Jinka‘s second single called Flesh To White To Black To Flesh. Basically this Transylvanian electro-pop artist and producer has shocked our minds already in the past with her first single Trash From The Past. And this time she has surprise us even more, showing a great amount of talent and a really good voice. This time we are facing an electronic track seasoned with glitchy synths, soothing falsetto vocals and heat rhythms. Actually my thoughts are quite positive, because she has the potential to became a great artist and to improve her skills as well.

Speaking about the song via email, she said: “I started writing “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh” in Toronto last year and finished the track in Berlin. During the production process I was watching Nauman’s video over and over again, trying to translate the atmosphere of its audiovisual field into my individual pop music language. For me, both video and song, are about dissecting, morphing, reinventing and physically exploring different identities, about shifting the focus of perception away from the juxtaposition of various distinct results to the process of steady transformation.”
Enjoy the song below.

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