Jimi Charles Moody – Only You

Ladies and gentlemen, this song is the fine line between art and emotion, between honesty and notoriety, between what an artist thinks and what he actually shows to the public. I followed step by step his journey, fascinated by his mysterious arrival until the discovery of his true identity, making myself literally conquered by him. I am extremely impressed by this song, and I don’t hide to be an avid Jimi Charles Moody‘s fan from his first amazing single Blue Honey to his last work Turn To Gold.  So I’m really excited to write about this new sentimental track called Only You, which surely will leave a mark for the infinite amount of feels that emanates, consecrating Harley Sylvester as a complete artist. What makes this song so appealing? The secret is simplicity and naturalness. The evergreen combination of piano chords, touching vocals cradled by a melancholic atmosphere and lyrics comparable to an open-heart surgery trasforms this personal letter in a loop-hearing hit. Either way, Jimi Charles Moody has the ability to leave you drowsy, remembering you that sometimes relationships require great efforts and sufferings.

About the song via email Jimi Charles Moody said:”I originally wrote Only You as a song for someone else, but the moment I finished it I knew it was too personal to give away. I hope the “You” in question hears this, so they know how much they did and still do mean to me