Jimi Charles Moody – House Of Moody

Last year Jimi Charles Moody played the card of the “mysterious identity” to add an intriguing component to his already excellent musical offer. It wasn’t really necessary, because Jimi’s songs were all insanely good and they would have been noticed anyway, but still..

Now the veil has fallen and his identity has been revealed: behind the bandages that cover his face lurks the Brighton-born actor and one half of the Rizzle Kicks Harley Sylvester. Surprised? This is not the main news though. The London-based alt-crooner has a new song out called House Of Moody, a playful and bluesy experiment that sounds like a crossroads between Nick Cave, Springsteen and Jack White while managing to maintain its uniqueness.

Moody says about the track: “House of Moody came in a moment of madness. I’ve never taken musical influence from such bizarre places to make a song. It’s an invitation into my mind and my character. I would love for you to join me.