Jasia – Safety / Inverbatim

Jasia (aka Josiah Willows) is a Jamaica-born Melbourne-based 23-years-old artist who, despite his origins, plays a kind of Icelandic-influenced mix between orchestral instrumental music and electronic beats. Probably the idea comes from Josiah’s classical background as vocalist, violinist and guitarist, exalted by his discovery of the potentialities of synthesised music. Well, the result is gorgeous. It seems impossible that such entrancing orchestral work comes from one single guy. The last track he relased, Safety, is beguiling and icy. It recalls some Sigur Rós’s pieces (just to mention the clearest example), and on its first part it’s enriched by dark vibes that grow into a majestic algid end. On the other hand, the first song Jasia released, Inverbatim, charms with its elegant strings and its daring choirs.

Listen below.