Jarbird – Iona

The rush and pressure of modern life rule our days. We are slaves of time, of projects that we have to realize at all costs and our moods reflect the aseptic greyness of our edgy city. Music is a powerful tool to escape from all this and to float into another dimension just by pressing play and closing eyes. Iona, the latest single of the London-based quartet Jarbird, is the perfect track for this kind of trip. Geometric art-pop (exuberant in the right measure), mixed up with a gorgeously airy falsetto and, most of all, a soave chorus of devastating emotive power.

Speaking about the track, Jarbird explain: “Iona is a tiny remote island in the Hebrides, which is an unbelievably peaceful, restorative place that sits in the middle of lots of dark, cloudy islands.There’s a ruined abbey there, and it was the centre of celtic christianity for hundreds of years, inhabited by monks. The song is about those first people that settled there, and their search for quiet, really.

Iona is taken from Jarbird‘s debut EP, due out March 4 via French label Oskar.