JANE – We Don’t Wanna Dance

The artist once known as RÁJ is no more. We salute his emotional & a bit melancholic electro-rock ballads and we’re ready as him to move on and welcome the new project from the Los Angeles artist, JANE. You can tell that everything has changed by listening just the very first seconds of the new single We Don’t Wanna Dance. It’s a rousing, funk-drenched disco-pop tune, the kind of track that would have made a good impression within the soundtrack of The Get Down. Think about a modern reinterpretation of the sound of class acts such as Sly & the Family Stone or KC and the Sunshine Band; the mood is exactly the same, just with a bit more of electronic nuances.

JANE’s goal as musician is very clear: “I just want to be creative. Rather than just making records, or just writing poetry, I want to explore it all.” Meet him again below.