Jack Garratt – Strong Enough

Oh boy, that Jack Garratt kid! Not only he dropped one of the best debut album of the year so far, but he also found the time to write another banger for a famous British denim label. The track is called Strong Enough and it goes to the roots of Garratt’s style, stripping down the massive produced sound of the record and leaving it there in its roughest version. Jack’s vocals are fiercely delivered on a percussive carpett of throbbing bass,

Speaking on the track, Jack Garratt said: “The song is very much about my appreciation for London. It’s about getting lost in a city that holds so much nostalgia, almost as if the city itself becomes a place to store the memories that you have within it. Looking down a street you haven’t seen for years but knowing exactly what happened when you were last there.” Built on Jack’s idea ‘that you don’t own the city, you share it.