Jack Garratt – Fire

We’re almost there! Jack Garratt highly anticipated debut LP, Phase, is scheduled for release on February 19th and is going to complete a journey that lasted almost two years. Since Jack is really a nice guy, he knows that people can’t wait no more to hear his record, so he dropped another tune, called Fire, that definitely brands to fire his now-trademark sound & aesthetic: nervous electronics that cuts the way to bouncing beats and sharp synths, creating an infective cocktail whose duty is to support Jacks astonishing voice. Speaking about the track, Jack said: “Fire is supposed to show every insecurity and fear I’ve seen in myself and other people through noise.

In addition to that, Jack last week played for the first time on Italian national television, delivering a stunning live performance of his single Worry, which you can find at the bottom of this article.. Nonetheless, he still has no dates booked in Italy so far and we really can’t understand why.. hey Italian promoters, what are you waiting for?