IYVES – Wilinout

Formerly known as Hanah, Brooklyn-based R&B/nu-soul artist IYVES made her comeback today with Wilinout, a new single produced by Luca Buccellati (Tei Shi, Yellerkin, Ryan Egan). Drawing inspiration from artists like BANKS and sbtrkt, the pair have made a terrific job in combining IYVES’ sultry voice with the smooth beats that set the floating, measured pace of the song.

IYVES said about the new track: “While writing ‘Wilinout’ I wanted to tap into an old school R&B/soul melody and bring a nostalgic sensibility to the song. I wrote this song during a pivotal time in a relationship. It’s that moment where you realize that a change needs to happen but something is holding you back. Sometimes the fear of change can paralyze you and this song is discovering that state of being in between.


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