IYESAYA – You’re Eating Me Up Inside

Ok, got it. UK-based bedroom popper IYESAYA is completely mad. Hailing from a dark isolated place somewhere in Dorset, he works on his (sort of) songs completely alone and, stated that he’s the “prince of darkness”, the result is at the same time insane and interesting. You’re Eating Me Up Inside is the follow-up of his debut single Bleed For Me and if you look at the titles you can easily realize that our guy is not very passionate about happiness and love. Extremely reverberated guitars and a slow-paced psych-pop mood set the scene in which his Mac DeMarco-like vocals are completely drowned while the lyrics talk about insomnia, “a bitter tribute to all the vicious anxieties that haunt a wondering mind”. There’s also time for tribal drums and a sort of shoegazing climax in the end.

Go crazy below.

You’re Eating Me Up Inside is the other half of a double A-side cassette which is out via Cat From Japan (order it here) and comes along with a unique, hand-drawn (“and probably pretty rubbish”) piece of art from IYESAYA himself. I definitely think it should be worth buying to see what his mad mind could have generated.