IYES – Breathe

We’ve been waiting for a new track by Brighton-based IYES since their first single Till Infinity met our ears and now that we’ve finally got it, we simply can’t stop listening. Again.
Breathe, released on their own label Duly Noted Records, is another incredible slice of electro-pop, that the duo crafted with help on production by MNEK. It’s a sensual and sophisticated pop song, inspired by random images of naked woman, that makes you want to grab those next to you for a long, passioned hug.

This is how Josh (of the band) explained the song: “We wrote it with an image in mind of a naked lady, in a jungle, with a snake wrapped around her. The beat came first – we wanted a tribal sound featuring lots of percussive elements. Melis’ voice is often quiet and cute. It’s always beautiful, but I thought it would be great to get some sass out of her. Hence the no clothes and the python idea.”  Melis as well: “Josh showed me clips on YouTube with wild animals – lions, snakes, tigers – all in slow motion, looking very sensual and dangerous. The track’s demo title was Jungle Sex. I loved the concept but when he started mentioning video ideas with naked women, I told him he’d best get another girl.”

Listen below.