ISLE – Snow

Multi-instrumentalists Liam John Rutherford and Ben Singer are ISLE, an alt-rock duo based in the Scottish Borders. We introduced them a while back with their single Luna, but today they return with another tune that resonates even more meaningful and enchanting. It’s called Snow and it’s built around a flurry of intertwined guitar riffs and multi-layered art-rock, sounding bold and glorious, but never coarse.

Speaking on the track, Rutherford said: “Snow is centered around the hopelessness of Alzheimer’s. An ode to bittersweet memories and reality, Snow embodies both boisterous riffs and gentle delivery. It’s a track underpinned with something very real, and very powerful. It’s something a lot of people can relate to, but it can be a hard thing to describe. Snow was my way of doing that.