Iris Lune – Sewing Skylines to Shores

Based in Brooklyn, Iris Lune is not exactly your regular pop band. It doesn’t take long to realize that their new single Sewing Skylines to Shores sounds quite different from anything else, thanks to the mix of organic songwriting and bold electronic moments, with the mesmerizing voice of the band’s lead singer Ella Joy that equally enchants whether it is dealing with the song’s cinematic art-pop textures or its glorious synth-laden chorus.

Born as the project of Joy and guitarist and composer Asher Kurtz, Iris Lune now inludes also Aaron Liao and Angelo Spampinato. On the track, Ella Joy said: “In the song, which was inspired by the story of Virginia Woolf’s suicide, the person finds his or her way to clarity and peace through parting from this world, but there are many ways to find that freedom.

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