Intertwine – My Only Lie Is Silence

My Only Lie Is Silence is the latest single to be taken from Goraikoo, the debut album of Norwegian architect/musician Tarjei Zakarias Ekelund, aka Intertwine. As we already said in our last post about him, this work has been quite entirely written during a study period in Tokyo and that’s why he chose a japanese word as album title. The meaning of “goraikoo” is in fact “coming to light” and it’s an expression referred to the sunrise seen from the top of Mount Fuji. That’s why, from the artist’s point of view, this work is a kind of journey from darkness to light, a tale based on the contrast between those two extremities. The new track is, as its previous sister, a delicate, ambient piece with a tangible pop attitude, musically very rich and full of touching vibes.

Listen below.

Goraikoo will be released on November 6th via Brilliance Records.