Iiris – Iridescent Love

Still upset because of Björk’s cancellation of the remaining dates of her tour (including the headline spot at Pitchfork Paris)? We’ve something here that might cheer you up. Iridescent Love is the comeback single of Estonian artist Iiris, the first to be released since she relocated in London. The song opens in a shining crescendo of stretched synths, while Iiris delivers a stunning, high-pitched vocal performance. Suddenly after the chorus, Iridescent Love turns into an electronic / drum and bass trip, driving the listener to a completely disconnected dimension in which Iiris seems to be completely at ease.

Iridescent Love is out now on Hand In Hive (Alma Este / Keyes) and is the first track to be taken from Iiris forthcoming EP Hope, which will be released later this year. Listen below.