IDER – Sorry

IDER are a brand new duo consisting of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. They moved to London last year, where they’ve started to compose music together. Their debut single Sorry, however, is devoid of any gray metropolitan atmospheres and seems rather to be the result of days spent at the lake, in some remote Nordic country, far from the chaos, immersed in poetry. Sorry is a pop song, the kind of dream pop that everyone loves, adorned with folk reflections on which the most delicate of the voice paints pristine landscapes.

Speaking of the track to The Line Of Best Fit  they stated: ” ‘Sorry’ is a song about falling out of love with someone. It goes through the motions; beginning with a bit of doubt and ending with independence. Unlike most love songs it’s about finding your own love for yourself. Despite the songs title, it’s pretty unapologetic- it’s just honest.

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