HUGOwho – Holding On

Three years after the successful I Am Not Hugo debut EP, Swiss songwriter/producer HUGOwho is finally back. Compared to his previously-released works, the comeback single Holding On takes a more pop-oriented direction combining piping synths with a dancey production. One thing is obviously not changed: his signature vocal timbre. Dark, deep but somehow fragile at the same time. This is the first track to be lifted off his upcoming Another EP.

Speaking about his new project HUGOwho explains: “My music should be an honest experience in sound and emotion, simple, without hiding behind anything. I really just got crazy with my vision and my emotions. My life changed a lot since I moved to London because all of the sudden I was alone, disconnected, but it made me feel and think a lot about myself and my music. It’s not about playing some crazy chords and be like super fancy about it. I want my music to be simple and powerful. in order that as many people can relate to the feeling. ‘Holding On’ is a track about loving someone too hard while realizing to let go of everything in order to grow individually and together.

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