Hudson Scott – Panning For Gold

In our last post about him, we anticipated that South London artist Hudson Scott was in the studio with none other than Rodaidh McDonald, XL’s in-house production genius who worked with artists for the likes of The xx, King Krule and Låpsley. The result of this collaboration, in which also took part Duncan Tootill (Boxed In), can be heard now on Panning For Gold, Scott’s latest offering. It’s a classy alt-pop number filled with winking synth hooks and marked by a killing bassline; Scott’s baritone vocals are impeccable and fit just fine with the sleek Eighties aftertaste that permeates the track.

Speaking on the song to Noisey, Hudson Scott said: “Panning For Gold is about looking for love, sensing that it’s about to arrive and then doing your best not to trip yourself over. It’s about that initial excitement when you first meet someone great, when you’ll do whatever, put yourself out all the time, just to hang out. I don’t want to sound like a doe-eyed sadsack, but it is what it is.