Hudson Scott – Get Down

Let’s be honest: pretty much everyone who saw the first episodes of Netflix’s The Get Down, is now dreaming to be at a party with Grandmaster Flash behind the desk. I don’t know if Hudson Scott‘s latest single is the funky-tinged jam that the Grandmaster would play, but I’m quite sure that he would be able to pinpoint its get down part. To me, he would isolate 10 seconds of the tune in the tail, starting from 3.13, and let the groovy beat and the sparkling synth do their magic. But you know that here at Going Solo we really have a soft spot for distinctive voices and Scott’s deep baritone is surely part of the category.

Speaking on his new summery single Get Down, the South London-based, Oxford native artist said: “‘Get Down’ is about pursuing a girl and how the peaks and troughs that come along with ‘the thrill of the chase’ can mess with your melon. It’s about when the same tropes that got you hooked in the first place, start to drive you mad. I particularly like the bottles and the arpeggiating synths.

We expect that new awesome music from Hudson Scott will come veeeery soon, since he has recently been in the studio with the one and only XL production maestro Rodaidh McDonald (Låpsley, King Krule, The XX) and Scott’s next single will be drawn from those sessions.