Horrible Present – Rare & Nocturnal

I said it multiple times when I used to write for The 405: Nicola Dona (Horrible Present) is the best. We really miss him here in Italy. When he moved to Brooklyn two years ago he really took something away from our local scene. I mean, if also Jonathan Clancy (His Clancyness) decided to take up residence abroad instead of touring the world for 180 days each year and then get back to Bologna, our psych-pop scene would be absolutely nothing.

But, you know, Brooklyn was the place to be for Nicola and his just-released debut LP proves it. It’s unquestionably the best thing he’s ever done. Here below you can stream a cut from the record, Rare & Nocturnal, aka. the hazily retromaniacal song that you needed to declare that Summer’s here. Think of Kurt Vile fighting the heat with doo-wop.

Intuition is out now on vinyl and digital via We Were Never Being Boring, and on cassette through Cakes & Tapes. Grab it now.