At this point HONNE‘s path to success is already crystal clear and their new banger 3AM has just been dropped to prove it. Following praises from almost everyone in the music industry – last but not least from Jones who mentioned them in our latest Going Focus article – this new gem stands as the second single from the London-based duo’s forthcoming seven-track EP Gone Are The Days. We bet that it won’t take long before 3AM will get on the top of almost every chart because its smooth/sexy pace, combined with minimal electro-R&B beats, delicate piano chords and warm vocals, gives it the status of one of the biggest tracks around. It has so much groove and it conveys so many vibes that should be included in every chill/romantic playlist and being played when you wake up in the morning (maybe not at 3AM) after spending all the night making love with someone you love.

Gone Are The Days will be out on January 22nd via Tatemae Recordings/Atlantic Records.