Honeymilk – Trip

It’s a lazy day of June and today’s weather forecast said it would be warmer than usual. Trying to survive in the muggy summer heat, I switch on the air conditioner and put the headphones on looking for a refreshing and breezy tune. Well, it was a way to easy to find it. It’s the Sweden-based band Honeymilk that deserve all the credit. Trip is a top notch song, which shines with its captivating and bright sound. A gorgeous garage pop song with a refrain, that goes over like a cool summer breeze and you won’t be able to not sing along to. The track builds itself through incessant howling and genuine vocals that dive into the loops of distorted guitar lines. It keeps any bad sensations away, captures this overall feeling of having a good time. Light up your mood, press play and prepare to feel all the sensations on this one below.

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