Honeyblood – Chocker

There was a time, some years ago, when, for unexplainable reasons, I was used to refer to Wild Nothing as Cloud Nothings and to Cloud Nothings as Wild Nothing. The same goes now for Honeyblood and Hockeysmith, with the further problem that I like both bands (while I always loved Wild Nothing, but Cloud Nothings… well, not so much).

To get out of this new personal crisis, I told Marco that, starting from today and everytime we will end up talking about these two female duos, he has the task of reminding me that I like Honeyblood the most. Why I picked the Glasvegian Fat Cat signees, you say? Basically ‘cause I just played the crunchy Chocker three times in a row and I’m already able to sing every word. Yes, it’s that engaging and yes, my grandma can confirm that I’m telling the truth.

Honeyblood’s debut album will be released on May 19th.