Home Alone – There’s A Light Coming Through

Where should we start? Yesterday, my friend Marco told me: “you should definitely listen to this album, it’s the outcome of a collab between Orchid Tapes and Beko Disques!”.

Usually Marco never gives bad advice, so I did and once I’ve finished listening to it, I felt weightless and vulnerable, as if I were returning from a walk on the Moon. All songs were touching and warm, soft lo-fi vocals led me into a feeling of bright sadness, comforted by the splashes of a smooth and shimmering guitar. I was really into the record’s mood, especially for one song: Drive All Night, which sounds truly “right”, if you know what I mean.

The abovementioned record is There’s a Light Coming Through by the Toronto-based songwriter Thomas Mazurkiewicz, aka Home Alone. Put your headphones on and be ready to fall in love with it.